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sea buckthorn product compare

Oct 21, 2021

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of sea buckthorn product

There are several ways to intake sea buckthorn food or drinks. In this article we will have a brief discussion on the advantages and shortcoming of different sea buckthorn product in terms of nutrition.

Fresh sea buckthorn

Though short time from farm to mouth, vitamin C and other nutrients are

But if direct intake , limited by the chewing and the sour taste, it can only be crushed to about 2mm to max extent, and the young sea buckthorn can only be swallowed or spit out, so only about 30% of all its nutrients can be absorbed.

fresh sea buckthorn

Dried sea buckthorn

Everyone knows that sea buckthorn is the king of natural vitamin C, but active nutrients such as vitamin C will begin to break down at a temperature of 45°C, and the drying temperature has exceeded 80°C! Under this temperature, flavonoids, SOD, fruit,fatty acids and trace element ,VE, etc. are all damaged.

Spray dried sea buckthorn powder

The powder is very fine and water soluble, needs to be broken and crushed before spray drying. And it is good choice for solid beverage and self life can last as long as 2 years if well stored. Like

Oven dried sea buckthorn,thermal sensitive nutrition is damaged.

Sterilzed sea buckthorn juice

The remarkable advantage of this commercial sea-buckthorn juice is microbe control.

Various sea-buckthorn oil/flavonoids/SOD/fruit elements/fatty acids and trace elements loss is not slightly destroyed after instant sterilization

sea buckthorn product

freeze-dried sea buckthorn

Nutrition are better perserved than the processed sea buckthorn food. The freeze-dried powder are almost 100% rehydratable. The grinded powder is more gravel like , not as fine as spray drying powder. Seabuckthorn seed needs to be removed , or rancid oil will ruin juice powder as time goes by. Selected freeze-dried sea buckthorn berry is dried at -45℃and then grinded under low temperature 39 ℃ to protect the nutrition compound. Freeze-dried sea buckthorn is the most costy.