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ginger extract

ginger extract

Latin Name: Zingiber officinale Roscoe
Part Used: Root and tuber
Specification: 5% Gingerols
Appearance: Brownish yellow fine powder


Product Introduction

Ginger extract is popular in the world, especially in the Far East, ginger has been used in China to treat stomach headaches and dizziness for 2,000 years; ginger has been listed in China, Mongolia, Britain, Japan, Egypt, The pharmacopoeias of Sweden and the United States.

It is derived from ginger rhizomes, and commercial extracts are standardized as gingerol 5%.

ginger extract water soluble


ginger extract

5% gingerol

English name:

ginger Extract

Latin name:

Zingiber officinale

Active ingredients:


Part used:



Brown Powder




1%-10% Resveratrol

Test Method:


Production method

The dry ginger is crushed, extracted with ethanol under reflux, and then recover ethanol under reduced pressure. Add appropriate embedding agent and dispersant, mix, dry in Vacuum at low temperature, crush, sieving, and get it after packing.

This process is suitable to produce ginger extract containing 5.0% gingerol (UV). The yield is about 15%.


During the storage of essential oils, Geraniol and Geranyl Acetate will decrease, while Neral and Geranial content will increase the most j Zingihenme, P-Msqiuph«llarxln*ne will be transformed into ar-curcumene.

The ginger β-CD inclusion compound were stored separately from light and the content of active ingredients is more relatively stable.


*Ginger extract is used to treat acute gastroenteritis, peptic ulcer and other diseases;

*reduce dizziness caused by exercise, treat pregnancy and vomiting, post-operative vomiting, and motion sickness, seasickness;

*also used to help digestion and stimulate appetite, it can also be used For symptoms such as angina pectoris and bronchitis, capsaicin and volatile aromatic ketones can inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins, which can treat rheumatic arthritis and bone growth.

* reports confirm that 75% of arthritis patients are affected After taking ginger extract powder, the pain was significantly reduced within 3 months.

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