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  • 19/Sep


    What is Phosphatidylserine ?

    Phosphatidylserine (Phosphatidylserine) is also called compound nervonic acid. Referred to as PS, it is extracted from the residue of natural soybean oil extraction. It is the active substance of cell membrane, especially in brain cells. It is important for brain health.

  • 18/Sep


    Ashwagandha benefits and double blind test

    Ashwagandha is a wellknown tradtional Ayurvedic tonic. Also called "Indian ginseng", which can help to keep youthful mind and body. It is backed with scientific experiements that help in Improving Cognitive Ability, Relieve stress and Promote sleep etc.

  • 18/Sep


    Dd you know Cochineal red pigment?

    As early as 4000 years ago, the indigenous peoples of Central and South America used cochineal to produce paint. After being discovered by Spanish colonialist, it quietly brought it back to Europe to monopolize the entire industry, at a price comparable to gold at the time. Altho

  • 16/Sep


    Three typical drying method of vegetable powder and fruit powder

    This artile will introduce three typical drying method in fruit powder and vegetable powder processing.Air drying, spray drying and freeze drying are the most widely applied drying techique in

  • 14/Sep


    Do you know the Gardenia Yellow pigment

    The natural Gardenia yellow colorant has excellent dyeing ability to protein, starch, etc., and can be widely used in various food and fabrics. The safety is backed up by thousand years folk application.

  • 10/Sep


    Recently approved food ingredients in China

    This article get a list of the Novel food ingredient approved by the Ministry of Health and the National Health and Family Planning Commission. Four parts are covered that is Novel food list, Approved food ingredient, List of strains that can be used in food and List of strains t

  • 08/Sep


    new supplement format in market

    a credible and unique products that meet niche market are very important to consumers. a product can help it stand out in the crowded market of immune health products. At the same time, the high-quality and effective ingredients added to the product will also attract consumers' a

  • 02/Sep


    What is phycocyanin pigment?

    Spirulina extract phycocyanin is a dark blue powder isolated from spirulina with beautiful color. It is not only a kind of protein, but also an excellent natural food coloring, and at the same time a good health food. Pantone bid farewell to the live coral color known as the "Col

  • 25/Aug


    Do you know environmental hormones?

    Plasticizers are not legal food additives.Plasticizers or plasticizers, plasticizers, are additives that increase the flexibility of materials or the liquefaction of materials. The added objects include plastic, concrete, wall plaster, cement and plaster, etc.There are more than

  • 20/Aug


    Do you know Cyanotis Arachnoids extract and Ecdysone

    Ecdysone is a steroidal prohormone of the major insect molting hormone 20-hydroxyecdysone, which is secreted from the prothoracic glands. Insect molting hormones (ecdysone and its homologues) are generally called ecdysteroids. Ecdysteroids act as moulting hormones of arthropods b

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