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Eucommia Male Flower Powder

Eucommia Male Flower Powder

credited Novel resource food
superfine powder in 120mesh
high amino acid content


Product Introduction

Eucommia male flower powder was approved as a Novel resource food in China in 2014. It is with rich nutrition.

Among them, the amino acid content is 21.47%, the calcium content is 0.92%, and the zinc content is 51mg/100g, which are 1.8 times and 5.2 times that of Eucommia ulmoides leaves. The effective ingredients are the most comprehensive and the content is higher.

[Product name]:Male flower of Eucommia ulmoides Powder

[Latin name]:Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.

[Source]:Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.

[Active ingredient]The male flowers of Eucommia ulmoides contain lignins, iridoids, phenylpropanoids active ingredients (such as geniposide acid, chlorogenic acid, aucubin), pinoresinol diglycoside, and flavonoids (quercetin) ), amino acids, polysaccharides and mineral elements Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe, Ca, P, B, Mg, K, etc.

Eucommia Male Flower Powder

Superfine powder:

Eucommia male flower powder is mechanically pulverized to the micron level . It can reduce the particle size of the raw material powder, increase the surface area and porosity of the powder, and improve adsorption, It is with better solubility and dispersibility that required by foods and instant beverage in modern roduction. In addition, products produced by superfine powder are easier to digest and absorb by the human body.


Loose powder,No visible foreign matter

Mesh:100% pass 120mesh


Total plate count :<1000

salmonella.:Not detected

Escherichia coli:Not detected

[Storage]: Store in a cool, dry, dark, and high temperature place.

[Packing]: negotiate or use double-layer plastic bag, outer cardboard drum, 25 kg/drum.

Application & Function:

Eucommia male flower powder contains high content of chlorogenic acid and quercetin, which has a good effect of lowering blood pressure and blood sugar. It is taken together with blood pressure and blood sugar lowering drugs.

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