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St. Johns Wort Extract

St. Johns Wort Extract

Latin Name: Hypericum perforatum L.
Part Used: Whole Herb
Specification: 0.3%-0.8%Hyperin
Appearance: Dark brown fine powder.


Product Introduction

The St. John wort extract of Hypericum perforatum is a product extracted from the part of Hypericum perforatum var. gum L. blooming shoots. The extract is usually standardized to contain 0.3% hypericin.

Hypericin is the antiviral active unit in Hypericum perforatum. It belongs to the dianthrone group. It has antiviral, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and photodynamic activities. It has antireversal and antiviral effects both in vivo and in vitro, and can inhibit the central nervous system and Sedative effect.

St. John's swortSt. John's swort extract

Source selection

It is harvested in full bloom, and the aboveground part includes stems, leaves, and branches, or only the top 10~30cm part is harvested. Because its main ingredients are photosensitive, the gloves are directly loaded when harvesting to avoid contact with the skin and plants.

How to extract:

Put the crude powder into a multifunctional extraction tank, extracted with 70% ethanol for 3 times. Get the filtrate, and the fermentation extract is pumped into the vacuum . The ethanol is collected under reduced pressure and concentrated to about 15 baume. (Thermal test) extract, spray and collect the alcohol extract to obtain a dry powder, smash, pass 80 mesh sections. Mix evenly, and pack.

This process is suitable for the production of Hypericum perforatum extract with hypericin content of 0.3% and hypericin perforatum greater than 3.S% (HPLC), and the yield is more than 10%.

Product Specification:

English name:

St. John wort extract

Latin name:

Hypericum perforatum L.

Active ingredients:


Part used:

Whole Herb


Dark brown fine powder.




0.3%-0.8% Hypericin

Test Method:


Function and application

The possible mechanism of the anti-inhibitory effect of St. John wort extract is the reabsorption of serotonin, slight inhibition of monoamine oxidase MAO, inhibition of catechin oxygen site methyl transfer WCOMT, interference with dopamine system and GABA receptors.

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