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Lotus Leaf Extract

Lotus Leaf Extract

Latin Name:Nelumbo Nuciferine Gaertn
Part Used: Leaf
Specification: 2%,5%Nuciferine
Grade:Health Care Products&Cosmetics&food
Package:1kg/Bag, 25kg/Drum


Product Introduction

The lotus leaf extract is the powdered essence of the Nelumbonucifera Gaertn, and mainly contains alkaloids, flavonoids, volatile oils and other components. Flavonoids are the scavengers of most oxygen free radicals, have significant effects on the treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension and other diseases, and have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects; they can be used as raw materials for cardiovascular diseases, and can also be widely used in functional Food, health food, beverages, food preservatives and cosmetics.

How to extract

Lotus leaf alkaloid is an apophine-type alkaloid in lotus leaf, which is the main lipid-lowering active ingredient in lotus leaf. Ultrasonic-assisted extraction, chloroform extraction and a series of methods to extract.

Lotus Leaf Extract

Product Character

Latin Name:Nelumbo Nuciferine Gaertn

Part Used: Leaf

Specification: 2%,5%Nuciferine; flavones

Appearance: Brownish yellow fine powder

Test Method: By HPLC

Package:1kg/Bag, 25kg/Drum

CAS NO.:475-83-2

Molecular Formula:C19H21O2

Molecular Weight:295.3755

Health benefits

1.Obesity Treatment

Because cells of obese man are not sensitive to insulin, the patient's glucose tolerance is often reduced, and total lipids, cholesterol, triglycerides and free fatty acids are relatively increased, diabetic atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cholelithiasis, hypertension and other diseases rise too. Lotus leaf nuciferine can effectively decompose and reduce body fat, improve its perception to insulin, and prevent the occurrence of high-fat diseases. Nuciferine is one of the most widely used health care ingredients for lipid-lowering, blood pressure reduction, and cellulite elimination. The concentration of ordinary lotus leaf base, which is help to ensure the weight loss.

2.Inhibit pathogenic bacteria

Experiments on oral pathogenic bacteria showed that the lotus leaf extract could dramstically inhibit the pathogenic bacteria causing gingivitis, and its effective inhibitory concentration was 5 mg/ ml.

It has been years since lotus leaf extract used in toothpaste products. The antibacterial activity of several common food microorganisms was studied with 80% ethanol extract. It shows that it strains various antibacterial activity . Among them, the inhibitory effect on bacteria and yeast, especially Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is the most significant, while the inhibitory effect on Rhizopus oryzae is weak. The MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration) of the ethanolic extract of lotus leaf against most of the tested bacteria is less than or equal to 8%. The results also show such extract has the strongest antibacterial activity under moderate and weak alkaline conditions, and can withstand ultra-high temperature transient heat treatment.

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