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Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract

Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract

Product name:Griffonia simplicifolia extract
Latin name:Griffonia simplicifolia
Specification: 10%-99% 5-HTP
Appearance: Light white powder


Griffonia Simplicifolia  Extract

Basic information:

Product name:

Griffonia simplicifolia  extract

Structural formula:5-HTP
Part used:Seed
10%-99% 5-HTP
Test method: HPLCTotal plate count:≤10000cfu/g
Particle size: 80 MeshLoss on drying:≤5%
Heavy metals:≤10ppmAcid-insoluble ash:≤5%

About griffonia simplicifolia seed extract: 

Ghanaian seed extract, derived from the seeds of the African plant Ghana, it can raise serotonin levels naturally and increases serotonin production in the blood. It has been shown in some experiments to be anti-depressant and improve sleep quality. This powder does not easily dissolve in water. so in most cases it appears on the market as a powder, it is very popular in the health food market.

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