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Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Latin name: Rhodiola rosea Extract
Part used: Roots and Rhizomes
Specification: 3% rasavins,1% Salidroside /5% rasavins,2% Salidroside
Appearance: brown fine powder


Product Introduction

Rhodiola rosea extract is made from the dried rhizomes root of Rhodiola rosea . It is a well researched ingredient to in stimulate energy, releave fatigue, and anti-anoxia and anti-aging.

A mature techinque to produce the extract is to make crude articles , put them in a multi-function extract tank, divide with 70% ethanol for three times, collect the extracts, combine the filtrate, recycle ethanol under reduced pressure, and dry under vacuum so extract in powder is obtained.

Rhodiola extractRhodiola extract vs herb

*Rhodiola plants have nearly 100 species in the world. They are mainly distributed in the Himalayas, northwest Asia and North America.

The raw material is the concertrate of rhodiola plant which mainly grows in areas with an altitude of 1600 to 4000 meters, which are cold, dry, hypoxic, strong ultraviolet radiation, and large temperature difference between day and night.

The content of the rhodiola roots and the above-ground parts of the four-year-old alpine rhodiola in different growth periods was measured. The results showed that the appropriate to harvest when fruit is ripe.

Commercial specification are usually standardized to contain 4% salidroside.

Product Character:

English name:

Rhodiola rosea Extract

Latin name:

Rhodiola rosea L.

Active ingredients:

Rosavin,Rosarin, Rosin, Salidroside

Part used:



Brown Yellow Powder




3.0% Rosavin

Test Method:


Items of AnalysisSpecificationResultsTest Methods
Assaytotal Rosavins≥3.0%3.05%HPLC
AppearanceFine PowderCompliesVisual
Identification( + )PositiveTLC
Mesh Size80 meshComplies80 Mesh Screen
Bulk DensityReport0.52g/mlUSP﹤616﹥
Tapped DensityReport0.71g/mlUSP﹤616﹥
Acid-Insoluble Ash≤2.0%0.57%USP﹤561﹥
Loss on Drying≤5.0%3.53%USP﹤731﹥
Heavy metals≤10ppm<10ppmUSP﹤231﹥
GMO statusFreeComplies/
Total Plate Count≤5000CFU/g1200CFU/gCP2015
Sterilization methodNon-irradiated
StorageStore in a well-closed container away from moisture


1.Rhodiola rosea extract can increase physical strength and resistance, so it is usually used as a treatment for chronically ill and vulnerable patients.

2.It can be used to treat neurasthenia and neurosis, improve concentration, memory, high altitude red blood cell hyperplasia, hypertension;

3.It can also work as a neurostimulant, to improve intelligence, improve autonomic-vascular dystonia and muscle weakness, etc.;

4.Used for diseases with increased free radicals, such as tumors, radiation damage, emphysema, senile cataracts, etc.also used as a tonic, used for impotence, etc.

5.It is also used in sports medicine and aerospace medicine, used in various Health protection of workers under special environmental conditions.

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