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raw organic goji berries

raw organic goji berries

Latin Name: Lycium ruthenicum Murr.
Appearance: Dark purple


Xi'an Victar Bio-Tech a professional black wolfberry fruit powder manufacturer. Balck goji is a traditional precious Chinese herbal medicine. It can be applied in both medicine and food. Wolfberry is rich in carotene, essential nutrients vitamins and calcium, iron and other healthy eyes, improving eyesight, enhancing immunity, anti-aging functions.

We use famous Chinese Ningxia Goji, which is 100% organic and conforms to NOP organic standard. No matter wolfberry or its extract are guaranteed high quality, we are able to provide ISO certified wolfberry fruit powder.


1. Black wolfberry powder prevents diabetes and promotes blood circulation and improve immunity.

2. The powder from black wolfberry can protect liver, cardiovascular system antifatigue, antitumor and reduce blood pressure.

3.  This powder also has a strong antianaphylaxis and antioxidant effect.

4.  It is a kind of natural medicine and mainly be used in the treatment of diseases 

such as cataracts, night blindness and asthenopia.

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