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dehydrated apple powder

dehydrated apple powder

Latin name: Malus Domestica
Appearance: light yellow or white


 Apple Fruit Powder

Basic information: Apple Fruit Powder

Latin name: Malus Domestica

Part used: Fruit

Appearance: Light yellow or white fine powder

About apple fruit powder:

It is juice powder, that means we're not using the apple fruit completely, but retain its texture and most of its nutrients. The apples we purchase are mainly from Shaanxi province, China, this is the first step to making sure the apple fruit powder tastes good.


1. Apple powder is used in medical and healthy products, infant food, solid drinks, dairy products, fast food, puffed food, flavoring food for middle and old aged people, baked food, leisure food, cold drinks and snacks and the like.

2 Apple fruit powder is anti-oxidant and nutritive, so it brings many benefits to human body.

3. This powder is also used in cosmetics to moisturize and take care of skin...

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