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Blueberry Anthocyanin

Blueberry Anthocyanin

Latin Name:Vaccininm Ulingosum L.
Part Used:Fruit
Active ingredients: Anthocyanins, Anthocyanins, Pterostilbene, Proanthocyanidins
Specifications: Anthocyanins 1-36% HPLC ,Anthocyanins 1-30% UV ,Pterostilbene 1-30% HPLC ,Procyanidins 1-30% UV
Appearance: Dark purple or purple fine powder
Grade:Food, Cosmetics&Health Care Products
Mesh count: 100% pass 80 mesh
Package:1kg/Bag, 25kg/Drum


Product Introduction

Blueberry anthocyanin (Vaccinium Oxycoccus Pigment) is a derivative of flavonoids and flavanones, red-brown to dark-brown powder with a slightly special flavor. Slightly soluble in water. Thermally unstable.The extract solvent was 200 ppm.

Blueberry anthocyanin is a pure natural anti-aging nutritional supplement. Research has proved that it is the most effective antioxidant found by humans today. Its antioxidant properties are fifty times higher than vitamin E and two hundred times higher than vitamin C. It is 100% bioavailable to humans and can be detected in the blood twenty minutes after taking it.

Anthocyaninfs are called "oral cosmetics" in Europe, especially blueberry anthocyanin, which nourish the skin, enhance skin immunity, and deal with various allergic symptoms. It is the most effective antioxidant in nature. It can not only prevent the early formation of skin wrinkles, but also maintain normal cell connections, vascular stability, enhance microvascular circulation, and improve the flow of microvascular and venous, thereby achieving rapid healing of abnormal skin.

Blueberry ExtractBlueberry Extract Powder

Blueberry anthocyanin are natural sunscreens that prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin. The skin is a connective tissue, and the collagen and hard proteins contained in it play an important role in the entire structure of the skin.

The action of blueberry anthocyanin on the skin plays a dual role:

1. It can promote the formation of moderate cross-linking of collagen;

2. As an effective free radical scavenger, it can prevent the occurrence of abnormal physiological conditions such as "excessive cross-linking" of Pidu, thereby preventing the appearance of skin wrinkles and vesicles, and anthocyanins can also prevent hardening. Protease production and inhibition of its activity prevent free radicals or elastase from degrading hard proteins, visibly improving skin health from within.

Anthocyanins Extraction Flowchart

Product Description

According to reports, the active ingredients contained in blueberry anthocyanin can protect vision, prevent blindness, cyanosis, cataracts, retinal hemorrhage, improve myopia, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa and night blindness. Increase the flexibility of capillaries, can pure promote blood vessel expansion and flexibility, prevent blood vessel rupture. Provides antioxidants, which can eliminate free radicals that harden the arteries and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Main Function

1. Enhance vision and eliminate eye fatigue;

2. Delay the aging of brain nerves;

3. It has a therapeutic effect on capillary disease caused by diabetes;

4. Enhance cardiopulmonary function;

5. Prevention of Alzheimer's disease.


1.Less than 25kg, 1kg/bag(aluminum foil bag)
2.More than 25kg, 25kg/drum(cardboard drum)
Delivery Time:Within 3 days after payment
Storage:Store in sealed containers at cool&dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.
Shelf life:2 years when properly stored


1.Sea shipping for quantity over 500KG; And air shipping is available for 50KG above;
2.For high value products, please select air shipping and international express for safe;
3.According to the requirements of customers.


Beverage, food, cosmetic, health care or pharmaceutical industries.

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