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Fo-Ti extract

Fo-Ti extract

Latin name: Fallopia multiflora (Thunb.) Harald
Part used: Root
Specification: 10:1; 20:1
Appearance: Brownish yellow fine powder



Fo-Ti extract is also named Ho Shou Wu extract or fleece flower root extract, is made from the dried tuber of Polygonum multiflorum. It is a traditional tonics in Ancient Asia and is believed to blacken white hair and a cherished by prectioner that sought immortality and longevity. In particular , human shaped Fo-ti tuber is prominent medicine in legend.

fo-ti tuber sliceFo-ti extract powder

Active Constituents of Ho Shou Wu extract

Active ingredients: tuber roots contain anthraquinone compounds, mainly emodin, chrysophanol, physcion, rhein, and chrysophanol anthrone.

Product Character

Product name: Polygonum multiflorum extract

Plant source: Polygonum multiflorum, a perennial twining vine in the Polygonaceae family. The roots are long and slender, and the ends become hypertrophic roots with reddish brown to dark brown appearance. Smell, slightly bitter and sweet.

Extraction part: tuber

Basic information:

Specification: 10:1; 20:1
Appearance: Brownish yellow fine powder
Origin of raw materials: Produced in southern Shaanxi, southern Gansu, eastern China, central China, southern China, Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou

Produce flow

Fo-ti extract is made from roots Polygonum multiflorum. After washing, drying, and meshing, solute in 70% ethanol-water , heating and refluxing extraction three times, 2 hours each, combine the flitrate and evaporate . Recover the ethanol to an alcohol-free liquid, continue to concentrate and evaporate the water to 1.1times gravity , spray dry the Ho Shou Wu extract powder , pulverize, pass through a 100-mesh sieve, mix and pack and get finished product.

Main functions: anti-aging effect, influence on immune system, hypolipidemic and anti-atherosclerosis effect, myocardial protection, liver protection, neuroprotection, antibacterial effect. Patients with diarrhea and pregnant women should not take the drug

Efficacy: nourishing essence and blood, black hair, strengthening muscles and bones, nourishing liver and kidney.

Fo-ti extract benefit

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