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Mangosteen juice powder

Mangosteen juice powder

Latin name: Garcinia mangostana L.
Appearance: off-white


Mangosteen juice powder

Product information:

Latin name: Garcinia mangostana L.

Appearance: off-white

Function of Mangosteen juice powder:mangosteen fruit powder

1. Mangosteen extract is used for diarrhea, urinary tract infection(UTIs), gonorrhea,tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, cancer, osteoarthritis.

2. Mangosteen extractis also used for stimulating the immune system and improving mental health.

3. Mangosteen druit can also applied to the skin for eczema and other skin conditions.

4. These days, mangosteen juice is becoming a popular “health drink”, so the mangosteen fruit juice powder can be used as the health additives in food and beverages.

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