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Celandine Extract

Celandine Extract

Plant source: Whole herb of Chelidonium majus L.
Active ingredient: Chelidonine
Specification:5%, 10%, 25%,50%, 98%
Test method: By TLC


Product Introduction

Celandine extract is a whole plant extract of Chelidonium majus L., a papaveraceous plant Chelidonium majus L., containing a variety of alkaloids, mainly chelidonine, genistein, protoopioid, sanguinarine, etc. It has analgesic, antitussive, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antibacterial, choleretic and other pharmacological activities.

Product Character

Product Name: Celandine extract

Latin name: Chelidonium majus L.

Part used: whole plant

Specification: 5%, 10%, 25%,50%, 98% Chelidonine

Appearance:brown fine powder

CelandineCelandine extract

Chemical composition

Contains Chelidonine, Chelidonine, Sanguinarine, Oxycheloneine, Protoopioid, β-Allocryptine, DL-tetrahydroberberine, Chelidonium Vegetable acid, malic acid, citric acid, succinic acid. It also contains saponins, cardiac glycosides, flavonols, and cheloneol.


Celandine herb is toxic, please be careful when using it.

Medical function

The whole plant with flowers of Chelidonium majus L., a plant of Papaveraceae.

Both celandine and chelidonine have an analgesic effect similar to morphine; the total extract of celandine has a bile effect; the injection of celandine has an antispasmodic effect on smooth muscle; the total alkaloids of celandine have Antitussive and antiasthmatic effects; both sanguinarine and chelerythrine, a component of celandine, have anti-inflammatory effects; crude celandine preparations can inhibit Streptococcus A, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae and others in vitro Gram-positive bacteria have the effect of inhibiting Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the body; the methanol extract of celandine has obvious anti-tumor effect on mouse Ehrlich carcinoma and sarcoma S180.

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