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Yucca Extract

Yucca Extract

Latin name: Yucca Smalliana Fern
Part used: Leaf
Specification: 30% Yucconin
Grade:Food, Health Care Products&Animal feed
Package:1kg/Bag, 25kg/Drum



Yucca extract is a popular ingredient in animal feed. The most impressive function is to lower ammonia emmit by 60%. The active ingredients are polysaccharides and saponin.

Technical process

Yucca extract is extracted and concentrated by an alcohol solvent, and then after two-phase extraction with water and n-butanol to remove impurities, the ether insolubles obtained by evaporating the n-butanol and refluxing with ether, the yucca extract that is insoluble in ether is obtained.


Latin name: Yucca Smalliana Fern

Part used: Leaf

Specification: 30% saponin

Appearance: Brown fine powder

Test method: By UV

yuccayucca extract

Saponin in yucca extract can indirectly reduce the production of ammonia in the rumen through its antiprotozoal ability. Yucca saponin can combine with the cholesterol on the cell membrane of the protozoa, causing cell membrane rupture and cell hydrolysis, resulting in a decrease in the number of protozoa in the rumen. In addition to the antiprotozoal ability, yucca saponin can also inhibit the number of gram-positive bacteria and inhibit deamination. These effects will promote the reduction of ammonia concentration in the rumen.

While The polysaccharide part can directly reduce the ammonia content. It mainly inhibits the production of methane by inhibiting the production of hydrogen-producing bacteria in the rumen. In addition, the toxicity of to protozoa will also reduce methane production, because the protozoa and methanogens in the rumen have a symbiotic relationship with each other. When is added to the diet, the number of protozoa in the rumen will decrease, which will cause The decline in the number of methanogens will ultimately affect the production of methane.

Function and Application

1. Yucca extract is used for treating colitis, hypertension, arthritis, and migraine headaches.

2. This extract has function of reducing the high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

3. Yucca powder is used for inflammation of the colitis, stomach disorders, diabetes, poor circulation, liver and gallbladder disorders.

4. It can be applied to the skin for sores, skin diseases, bleeding, sprains, joint pain, baldness, and dandruff.

yucca extract application

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