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Arbutin Powder

Arbutin Powder

Prominent​ Whitening Ingredient Other Name: Beta-arbutin
Properties: White powder or crystal, easily soluble in hot water
Solution: ethanol, and slightly soluble in cold water.



Arbutin powder is one of the most popular whitening cosmetic ingredient .

It is a component extracted from the leaves of the azalea family plant bearberry. It can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the body and prevent the production of melanin, thereby reducing skin pigmentation. It removes stains and freckles, and has the functions of sterilization and anti-inflammatory. It is mainly used in cosmetics. It can also be chemically synthesized.


Product name: Arbutin

Other Name: Beta-arbutin

Chemical name: p-Hydroxybenzene-β-D-glucopyranoside

CAS number: 497-76-7

Molecular formula: C12H16O7

Molecular weight: 272.25g/mole

Properties: White powder or crystal, easily soluble in hot water,

ethanol, and slightly soluble in cold water.


Production process

The bearberry leaves are crushed and rinsed, then boiled with water, and extracted twice. The water extracts are combined and concentrated under reduced pressure to a syrupy state, then ethanol is added to dissolve them, the ethanol insoluble matter is filtered out, and the methanol is recovered under reduced pressure. Crude fruit glycosides. If it is decolorized, filtered and recrystallized with activated carbon in water, pure arbutin can be obtained.


Arbutin powder is mainly extracted from the leaves of bearberry. Arbutin can also be found in some fruits and other plants. It has the effect of brightening the skin, can quickly penetrate into the skin without affecting the skin cells, and cause melanin The resulting combination of tyrosinase can effectively block the activity of tyrosinase and the production of melanin, and accelerate the decomposition and elimination of melanin. In addition, arbutin can protect the skin from free radicals and has good hydrophilicity. Therefore, it is often added to commercially available whitening products, and is especially popular in Asian countries.

Usaga: Used in high-end cosmetics, it can be formulated into skin care cream, freckle cream, high-grade pearl cream, etc., which can not only beautify skin care, but also reduce inflammation and anti-irritation.

Raw materials for burns and scalds: Arbutin is the main component of a new type of burns and scalds. It is characterized by rapid pain relief, strong anti-inflammatory effect, rapid elimination of redness and swelling, rapid healing, and no scars.

Dosage form: spray or smear.

Raw materials for intestinal anti-inflammatory drugs: good sterilization and anti-inflammatory effects, no toxic side effects

Formular tips:

★Arbutin powder is easy to decompose in an acidic environment, pay attention to the pH control of creams, emulsions and other systems at 5-7;

★ Dissolve arbutin in a small amount of water at 50°C, and add it at 50°C after the cream is emulsified;

★Appropriate amount of antioxidants are added to the cosmetic system to prevent discoloration;

★After the cream is emulsified, add NaHSO3 and Na2SO3 dissolved in a small amount of water at 50°C (the recommended amount is 0.3-0.4%);

★Adding natural vegetable oils containing oleic acid and linoleic acid can promote the synergistic effect of arbutin;

★Adding 0.8-1.0% azone in the cosmetic system can promote the absorption of arbutin and prevent the precipitation of arbutin on the skin.

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