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Alfalfa Extract

Alfalfa Extract

Latin Name: Medicago sativa.
Part Used: Whole Plant
Specification:5%  Flavonoids, 4:1


                                                                        Alfalfa Extract


Basic information of alfalfa extract                          


Latin Name: Medicago sativa.                                               Alfalfa powder

Part Used: Whole plant

Test Method: By UV

Specification: 5% Flavonoids; 4:1

Appearance:  Brown fine powder



Introduction of alfalfa:

 Alfalfa is widely cultivated in the world, and of course, it is also wild, mainly used for forage and herbage. But if sheep and cattle eat too much fresh alfalfa, they will get flatulence. How can they absorb the rich crude protein in alfalfa and add enough crude fiber without bloating? At this time, alfalfa extracts and alfalfa powder are ready for action.



The main function of alfalfa extract:

Alfalfa extract has obvious functions of lowering blood fat, draining water, diuresis, lowering cholesterol, and maintaining acid-base balance.    

Alfalfa extract is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. And its potassium can assist the human body to eliminate too much sodium accumulation, and achieve the function of drainage diuresis.

Alfalfa grass contains an active ingredient, which was called phytosaponin. Phytosaponins have a great affinity for cholesterol and can be used as a fat emulsifier in the intestine. It combines with cholesterol to form an insoluble compound, which makes the body unable to absorb and excrete with feces. It can reduce the intake of cholesterol in the diet and indirectly lower the cholesterol content in blood and tissues.

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