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Giant Knotweed Extract

Giant Knotweed Extract

Latin name:Polygonum Cuspidatum Sieb
Active ingredients:Resveratrol
Part used:Rhizome
Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder
Specification:20% -98% Resveratrol
Test Method:HPLC


Product Introduction

Giant knotweed extract is extracted from the roots or rhizomes of Polygonum cuspidatum Pdygoruim cxiu. Commercial extracts are usually standardized to contain resveratrol 20%, 50%, 80%, and 99%.

This herb contains rich free anthraquinone and anthraquinone glycosides. There actives markers in this herb are Polydatin and Emodin. Compared with Rhubarb rhizome, Emodin from Polygonum cuspidatum is easier to separate out high-content monomers. At present, more than 80% of the emodin source is extracted from Polygonum cuspidatum, and the low content (about 5%) emodin comes from rhubarb.

Polydatin VS resveratrol

There is contains a small amount of resveratrol in Giant knotweed while polydactin up to about 3%. After biolysis, polydactin turns to resveratrol. Typical specification are 50% and 98%.

Because resveratrol glycosides in Giant knotweed is likely to be damaged during extraction ,

Therefore, the enzymatic hydrolysis is best method to get giant knotweed extract. After hydrolyzing the glycosides into resveratrol, the product yield can double. Practical method includes external and internal enzyme. The latter is carried with complex enzymes under certain temperature and pH conditions while the former is with existing enzyme in giant knotweed without addition therefore it is easy to operate and cost effective .

Related Regulation

One thing deserves attention is that Polygonum cuspidatum is one of the TCM herb, not regarded as both medicine and food. In foreign countries such as Japan, the resveratrol products extracted and developed from giant knotweed can only be used in medicine and application in food is prohibited.


production flowchart

Product Specification

English name:

Giant Knotweed Extract

Latin name:

Polygonum Cuspidatum Sieb

Active ingredients:


Part used:



Brown Yellow Powder




20% -98% Resveratrol

Test Method:


Function and Application:

Giant knotweed extract is widely used in medicine and personal care.

1.lowering blood lipids, increasing white blood cells, and used for biliary enzymes and hypertriglyceridemia;

2.Giant knotweed extract or Giant knotweed powder can be used for upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

3.Its anthraquinone or its preparations are used to treat acute and chronic hepatitis and leukopenia;

4.Its tannin is used for various burn wounds. Giant knotweed extract is mainly used as a raw material for sore repair

and beauty products.

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