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Gyminena Extract

Gyminena Extract

Basic information: Latin Name: Gyminena extract
Part Used: leaf
Specification: 25%,50%,75%Gymnema acid/ 5:1, 10:1
Appearance: Brown yellow fine powder
Test Method: By HPLC


Product Introduction

Gyminena extract is refined from a vine-like herb native to India. The extract contains the unique active ingredient Gymnema acid, which can regulate the balance of carbohydrate metabolism, inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates in the small intestine, and stabilize blood sugar. The standarised Gymnema extract contains 25% Gymnema acid.

Gyminena SilvestrisdGyminena extract

Product Character

English name:

Gyminena extract

Botanical source

Gyminena Silvestris

Part used:


Active ingredients:

Gymnema acid


Brownish yellow fine powder


25%,50%,75%, 5:1, 10:1

Test Method:


Product Function

After the extract consumption, the body produces less insulin (insulin will participate in anabolic metabolism, quickly turning carbohydrates into glycogen and storing in the liver and muscles, and the excess will directly synthesize fat), thereby delaying hunger and reducing the chance of fat synthesis. The extract of arbuscularis sylvestris is an extract of the roots or twigs and leaves of Gymnema sylvestris, a plant belonging to the genus Gymnema, which contains saponins, sterols and other compounds. It can lower blood sugar, lower blood fat, anti-caries and inhibite sweetness reaction. The extract can be made into diet foods and beverages for the prevention of obesity and the treatment of diabetes. It is safe to use and has reliable curative effects. It can also inhibit the formation of melanin and can be made into freckle-removal cosmetics. It can be addited to produce functional chewing gum, toothpaste or mouthwash, which aims to prevent dental caries.


As long as it is used at the recommended dosage, the vines are basically safe and there are no side effects. The safety of the cane during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not yet been tested. Diabetes patients should only take aralia extract to lower blood sugar under the clinical supervision of a nursing professional.

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