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Citrus Aurantium Extract

Citrus Aurantium Extract

Latin Name: Citrus aurantium L.
Part Used: Immature fruit
Specification: 35-80% Hesperidin, 6% Synephrine, 35% Flavones
Other name: citrus bioflavonoids



Citrus Aurantium Extract or citrus bioflavonoid is a natural stimulant found in the 21st century, without any side effects and positive reactions, and is widely used in health care industries such as medicine, food, and beverages. It is a kind of alkaloid in a variety of Chinese medicinal materials such as Citrus aurantium, orange peel, green peel, etc. This API is widely used in pharmacological treatment.

green cituscitus bioflavone
green citus fruit

Product Character

English name:

Bitter organe extract

Botanical source

Citrus Aurantium

Part used:

Young fruit

Active ingredients:

Hesperidin, Synephrine, Flavones, limonin


Brownish yellow fine powder


35%,85% Hesperidin

Test Method:


Production Process

(1) 4% Synephrine extract

Citus extracted twice with ethanol, and the extract is recovered under reduced pressure to have no alcohol taste. The smashed extract is spray-dried to obtain a dry powder. It is crushed, passed through a 60-mesh sieve, mixed, and packaged to obtain a finished product.The Synephrine extract content of the product produced by this art is 4%-6%, and the yield is 8.0% ~10.0%.

(2) 6.0% Synephrine extract

Wash the herb, add water to extract with centrifuge, concentrate under reduced pressure to about 22-25 Baume (thermal measurement), the lower sediment centrifuged to get the filtrate, the centrifuged iquid is combined with the upper liquid, then alcohol precipitated liquid is decompressed to recover ethanol until there is no alcohol taste. outcomes the fluidextract which is sprayed and dried to obtain a dry powder. The dry powder is crushed, passed through an 80 mesh sieve, mixed and packaged to obtain a finished product. synephrine in the raw material used in this process is not less than 0.6%. This process is suitable for the production of Synephrine extract (6.0%), and its yield is 8%-10%.

Function and Application:
1. Citrus Aurantium Extract can enhance heart blood output and increases total peripheral vascular resistance to increase left ventricular pressure and arterial blood pressure.
2. It is mainly used clinically for the treatment of bronchial asthma and hypotension, collapse and shock, orthostatic hypotension, food accumulation, and gastroptosis, in addition to the traditional application of traditional Chinese medicine, injections are also produced in clinical applications for the rescue of various shocks, heart failure, and treatment of stomach and Duodenal ulcers and other diseases.
3.Studies abroad have found that synephrine is able to oxidize fat and lose weight. Therefore, synephrine is often used as an active ingredient in weight loss drugs.

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