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Freeze Dried Seabuckthorn Powder

Freeze Dried Seabuckthorn Powder

Product Name: Apigenin
Grade: 98%
Appearance: yellow fine powder
Appearance traits: yellow needle-like crystals
Solubility: almost insoluble in water, partly soluble in hot alcohol,
soluble in dilute KOH solution.


Product Introduction

Freeze dried sea buckthorn powder is made from fresh sea-buckthorn fruit using freeze-drying (FD) technology. Due to FD technology, the nutrients and active substances in sea buckthorn berry are retained to the maxium extent. It is easy to store and carry, so it has become an important way for commercial sea-buckthorn fruit.

Freezd dried

orange fine powder <br>

Premium quality

100% rehydratable, fresh flavor

spray dry VS freeze dry seabuckthorn berry powder


Sea buckthorn is rich in 428 kinds of natural life active substances, 7 kinds of nutrients, 46 kinds of biologically active substances, including rich vitamins and 24 kinds of phosphorus, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, calcium, boron, silicon, copper, etc. The elements, especially calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, and selenium, have the most content, and have super complementary enhancement effects and self-repairing functions.

Freeze-dried Sea-buckthorn can promote immune recovery, improve human physique, help discharge toxins, balance nutrition and endocrine balance, open up human circulation, create a good lifestyle, and establish a solid line of defense for human physical and mental health.

Sea buckthorn nutrition

Spray Dry VS Freeze Dry Compare

Spray DryingFreeze Drying
Quick methodTime-consuming method
Free-flowing powdergravel like, grinding needed
better solutionpartly soluble
thermal sensitive component damaged
plain flavor;
almost 100% rehydratable, flavor reserved to maxium
140-160 inlet temperature ℃treated at -80℃
cheapermore expensive

High end

Freeze dried seabuckthorn powder targets the high end who can afford to get almost 100% nutrition of the Sea-buckthorn berry and seek origional flavor and experience. It is also a good choice in consumer upgrading.

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