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Amla Extract

Amla Extract

Product name: Amla extract
Latin name: Phyllanthus emblica Linn.
Other name: Indian gooseberry Part used: Dry mature fruit
Product Specifications: 5:1
Product appearance: brown powder


Product Introduction

Amla extract is made from Phyllanthus Emblica or previously called Emblica officinalis, a tropical wild fruit. It tastes sour and astringent at first, but has a sweet aftertaste, so it is also called . The roots, stems, leaves and fruits have medicinal value and have been used as a folk traditional Chinese medicine for 2000 years in our country. The ancients used Phyllanthus emblica fruits to treat indigestion, stomach and abdominal pain, colds, toothache, sore throat, colic, dysentery, cough and other diseases. Modern medical research has found that Phyllanthus emblica has many health effects and is designated as a health plant promoted and planted worldwide by the United Nations Health Organization.


Amla fruits contain flavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin P, etc., especially rich in vitamin C, the content of which can reach 0.6% to 0.92%, the highest content in spring fruits, sometimes It can even reach 1.82%, which is 160 times the vitamin C content of apples and 100 times the citrus content, second only to the king of fruit vitamin C, prickly pear.

amla nutrition

The fruit of Phyllanthus emblica also contains 17 kinds of amino acids, including 8 kinds of amino acids required by the human body. The total amino acid content is 185mg/100g, mainly including glutamic acid, proline, aspartic acid, alanine, and lysine. Sour etc.

Product Character

[Product name]: Amla extract

[Latin name]: Phyllanthus emblica Linn.

[Extraction source]: Dry mature fruit extract of Phyllanthus emblica plant

[Product Specifications]: 5:1

[Product appearance]: brown powder

amla extract


Amla extract can block the synthesis of strong carcinogen N-nitroso compounds with a blocking rate of over 90%.

Amla extract contains superoxide dismutase, which can scavenge superoxide free radicals, protect cells, and play an anti-aging effect. In addition, Phyllanthus emblica also inhibits the auto-oxidation of pyrogallol and epinephrine.

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