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eucommia leaf extract

eucommia leaf extract

Latin name: Eucommia folium
Part used: leaf
Specification: 5%-99% Chlorogenic acid
Grade:Food, Health Care Products
Test method: By HPLC


Product introduction:

Eucommia leaf extract contains remarkable content of chlorogenic acid,The main function of chlorogenic acid is to reduce blood pressure, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging, antibacterial, anti-virus, etc.

The botanical source, Eucommia Ulmoide is widely cultivated in China for its medicinal value, and nutrition ingredients. It has preserved flavor, nutrition and medicinal function with good solubility.

Eucommia leafEucommia leaf extract

Product Character:

Basic information:

Latin name: Eucommia folium

Part used: leaf

Specification: 5%-99% Chlorogenic acid

Appearance: Brownish Yellow fine powder

CAS NO.: 327-97-9

Test method: By HPLC

Molecular formula: C16H18O9

Molecular weight: 354.31

Eucommia leaf extract can help to

1. fight against Broad-spectrum bacteria

2. eliminate Free radical scavenging

3. Promote productivity

4. protect liver and gallbladder

5. Stimulate the gastrointestinal digestive system

Application of Eucommia chlorogenic acid in aquaculture

1. Adding Eucommia ulmoides extract to aquatic feed can promote the growth of aquatic animals, reduce the bait coefficient and increase the plumpness of the fish.

2.The inhibitory effect of Eucommia ulmoides extract on common pathogens in aquaculture is comparable to that of antibiotics, and has a strong preventive effect.

3.The active hydroxyl groups in chlorogenic acid molecules can form hydrogen free radicals with antioxidant effects, thereby halt the hydroxyl free radicals activity and protect tissues from oxidative damage.

This extract is yellow-brown powder. It is done after a low-temperature ultrasonic extraction, precipitation clarification, centrifugation, ultrafiltration and other processes, and then concentrated and spray-dried. The main components are chlorogenic acid≧3.5%, Eucommia flavonoids≧8%, Eucommia polysaccharide≧20% and other biologically active substances.

Its excellent performance in animal disease prevention, replacing antibiotics, reducing mortality, improving animal meat quality and flavor, and reducing feed costs makse it a green, safe and efficient feed additive.

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