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cordyceps sinensis extract

cordyceps sinensis extract

Latin name: Ophiocordyceps sinensis
Part used: Whole herb
Specification: 20%, 30% Polysaccharides
Grade:Food, Health Care Products&food
Package:1kg/Bag, 25kg/Drum



Cordyceps sinensis is a genus of ascomycete fungi that includes about 400 species. All of them are endoparasitoids, paeasitic mainly on insects and other arthropods, a few are parasitic on other fungi. Various species of cordyceps have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine systems, particularly in Tibet and China.


Basic information:Cordyceps Extract

Latin name: Ophiocordyceps sinensis

Part used: Whole

Specification: 20%, 30% Polysaccharides,

Appearance: Brown fine powder

Test method: By UV

Molecular formula: (C6H10O5) n


Function and Application:

 1. Cordyceps extact is often used to treat coughs, chronic bronchitis, respiratory disorders, kidney disorders, liver disorders, nighttime urination, male sexual problems, anemia, irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, dizziness, and weakness.

2. It is also used for improving the utilization of glucose, increasing leptin and insulin sensitivity(helping weight loss).

3. They have the function of strengthening the immune system, reducing the effects of aging, promoting a longer life, and improving liver function in people with hepatitis B.

4. Some people use it as a stimulant, a tonic, and an adaptogen, which is used to increase energy, enhance stamina and reduce fatigue.



The Cordyceps extract has been used in the capsule, tablets ointment and healthy oral solution.

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