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Mulberry Fruit Powder

Mulberry Fruit Powder

Latin name: Morus alba L.
Part used: Fruit
Appearance: Purple red fine powder


Mulberry Fruit Powder

Basic information:

Product name: Mulberry fruit powder

Part used: Fruit

Appearance: Purple red fine powder 

About mulberry fruit powder:

There are two kinds mulberry fruit powder in our company, one of which is completely water soluble, and the other one is not. For this reason, the first can be a liquid drink, the second is usually used as a solid drink. Both of them have a wide range of applications in baked goods.

The following tables are our test data:

 Heavy Metal

  Results  LOQ  LOD Unit
 SU007  Mercury(AAS)  BS EN 13806:2002  CVAAS
 Mercury (Hg)  <0.005  0.005
 SU05D  Lead(ICP-MS)  EN ISO 17294-2 2005 mod.  ICP-MS
 Lead (Pb)  0.06  0.05
 SU05E  Arsenic(ICP-MS)  EN ISO 17294-2 2005 mod.  ICP-MS
 Arsenic (As)  <0.1  0.1
 SU05G  Cadmium(ICP-MS)  EN ISO 17294-2 2005 mod.  ICP-MS
 Cadmium(Cd)  <0.01  0.01


  Results  LOQ  LOD Unit

  Aerobic Plate Count

  ISO 4833:2003  Plate count method
 Aerobic Plate Count  4700     /
 SU111  E.coli  ISO 16649-2:2001  Plate count method
 E.coli  <10    /

  Yeasts and  moulds

  ISO 21527:2008  Plate count method
 Moulds  <10    /
 Yeasts  <10    /
 SU227  Ash  AOAC941.12  Gravimetric
 Ash  0.87  0.01

Function of Mulberry Fruit Powder: 
1.Mulberry is rich in tannic acid, malic acid, vitamin B1,B2,C and carotene, protein, which can provide much nutrients to human body. So it is added in food as edible pigment.

2.It can promote the regeneration of skin, whitening, moisturizing and removing beverage. So it is widely used in cosmetics field.

3.In medical field, it is used to replace chemical man-made pigment to produce colorful tablets.

Packing: 25kg/drum with double LLDPE bags inside or with your demand.

Shelf life:Two years.

Storage: Stored in a cool and dry well-close container, keep away from moisture and strong light heat.

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