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What is Thyme Extract?

Aug 21, 2019

Thyme Extract is the extract of the whole herb of Thymus mongolicus Ronn. Thyme has frangrance and slight pungent flavor with main components of volatile oil, flavonoid, triterpenoid, microelement and others. It can be used in antibiosis, anti fat oxidation, anti cancer. Thyme Extract is widely used in the production of essential oil, edible product and daily cosmetics.

Thyme Extract

[Botaqnical Source]: the whole grass of the Thymus mongolicus Ronn.  

[Plant morphology]: Thyme is a kind of perennial herbaceous shrub with strong aroma, thin stems, green or purple branchlets, short white pubescence. Leaves grows oppositly, with the ellipsoid-lanceolate or linear-lanceolate form and sparsely long white pubescence. Florescence is from June to September. The fruit period is August-October.  

[Habitat and distribution]: distribute in temperate regions of Europe and Asia. In China, it is mainly distributed in the area of 1100-3600 meters above the Yellow River; the Loess Plateau of southern Ningxia, the arid mountain area of eastern Gansu Province, the norther regions of Shaanxi, the eastern part of Qinghai, the western part of Inner Mongolia, and the northern part of Shanxi; the northwestern regions of Hebei. 


1. rich volatile oil (especially in blossom season) → often added in cooking meals to improve the taste

2. consist lots of compounds, including thymol, carvacrol, linalool and p-cymol etc  → relieve cough, diminish inflammation and prevent corrosion

3. improve the digestive system and gynecological disease, promote blood circulation, help strengthen the immunity, lessen neuropathic pain, enhance attention span and memory

4. antimicrobial and antispasmodic  → promote scab and heal wound.

5. eliminate freckle and recuperate the aging skin  → a great additive in making toilet soap and mouthwash.