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what is the difference between lutein ester and lutein?

Nov 17, 2021

Now our eyes are occupied by electronic products every day. Even when we lie in bed at night, we are looking at mobile phones. Our eyes are overloaded. Lutein can protect our eyes, prevent myopia, and relieve visual fatigue. Now, there are lutein ester products on the market, which makes us a little confused in the choice, so what is the difference between lutein ester and lutein?

1. What is Lutein?

Lutein is one of the natural carotenoids, which belongs to photosynthetic pigments, and is also the main pigment that constitutes the macular region of the retina of the human eye. It is mainly found in green leafy vegetables. Generally, the greener the leaves, the higher the lutein content, such as kale, green broccoli, spinach, asparagus, green lettuce and so on. There is also a lot of lutein in egg yolk.

food of rich  lutein

2 What is Lutein Ester?

Lutein ester is an important carotenoid fatty acid ester. Lutein ester is decomposed into free lutein after being absorbed by the human body. It has the basic function of crystalline lutein to supplement the loss of lutein from the body.

1) Different absorption methods: Lutein is mainly obtained from daily diet (corn, spinach, egg yolk, carrot, mango, kiwi, grape, orange, etc.), and it can be directly absorbed by the body in the intestine. However, lutein esters are extracted from marigold flowers, which are first decomposed in the human body and then converted into lutein before being absorbed by the body.

2)Stability: The light and heat stability of lutein itself is not as good as lutein ester, lutein esters is more light and thermol stable than that of lutein.

3)Absorption rate: Lutein ester is of absorption and utilizationthan lutein. Lutein ester is a fat-soluble lutein that has high biological activity in fat, so it is normal that the absorption rate of lutein ester is 60% higher than that of lutein.

4)Acid resistance: Lutein is less resistant to gastric acid than lutein ester. Lutein is easily dissolved by gastric acid and affects the body's absorption, While the consumption and loss of lutein esters when ingested through the stomach is relatively low.

5)Absorption: the molecular structure of lutein ester and lutein are different, so at the same dose, the lutein that can be absorbed by the body is twice that of lutein ester, and vice versa. With the same effect in the body, the dosage of lutein ester will be twice that of lutein.


It is suggested 10 mg of lutein daily for nutrition, which is equivalent that of 6.5kg kiwi fruit or 3kg marigold.

Eat more foods containing lutein in your life. If you have eye problems, you must seek medical treatment in time.

Love eyes, love yourself.