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Pink Plumepoppy Extract: Trendy Antibiotic Alternative in Animal Health

Nov 23, 2021

Pink Plumepopy,Macleaya cordata, is a perennial tall herb belonging to the genus Papaveraceae. It is now uniformly named as Boluohui, and is widely used as raw material for medicine, biological pesticides, veterinary veterinary drugs, and fine chemical products.

The main chemical components of Pink Plumepoppy are alkaloids, from which Sanguinarine, Cheerythrine, Protopine, α-Allocryptopine and β- Do not cryptopine,β-Allocrytopine). The most researched compounds in Macleaya cordata extract are mainly sanguinarine and chelerythrine, which are rich in the fruit.

plume poppy

Reduce the rate of diarrhea

Various feed additives forge a great threat to the public's food health. Since Antibiotics, antibacterial drugs and growth-promoting drugs are prohibited from being used as feed additives, and Pink Plumepoppy extract has become an excellent alternative. Its broad-spectrum antibacterial effect can kill pathogenic bacteria in animals, promote the repair of existing damage, improve the microbial ecology of the intestinal flora, and reduce animal diarrhea Rate, thereby improving the physique of animals and reducing the number of sick animals.

Generally, antibacterial drugs have broad-spectrum antibacterial and narrow-spectrum antibacterial. The active ingredients of Macleaya cordata extract have antibacterial and bactericidal effects against Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pasteurella, Bacillus subtilis, Pneumococcus, Leptospira and some fungi. Therefore, as a veterinary medicine, it can treat many bacterial infectious diseases of animals. It is an ideal antibiotic substitute product as a feed additive to prevent poultry infection, enhance animal health, and improve feed conversion rate. In addition, many bacteria are now resistant to previous anti-inflammatory and bactericidal drugs, resulting in poor antibacterial treatment effects, while Pink Plumepoppy has not proven drug resistance and is highly safe.

Pink Plumepopy Extract is widely used in livestock


Pink Plumepoppy extract injection is refined from Macleaya cordata, Andrographis paniculata immersion in ethanol to extract the effective ingredients, combination and precipitation removal. It is a pure natural green veterinary drug and effective in , detoxifying and reducing swelling, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. It is used to treat various domestic animal influenza, upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, swine pneumonia, digestive tract infection, infectious gastroenteritis, diarrhea and dysentery, piglet white diarrhea, yellow diarrhea , high fever diseases, viral infections, fowl cholera, pullorum, etc.

The oral liquid refined from pure Chinese herbal medicines such as Boluohui orMahonia bealei , Barberry Root, Sarcandra glabra (Thunb.) Nakai(, Kushen, Andrographis paniculata and other pure Chinese herbal medicines as raw materials. Poultry diseases such as diarrhea have good curative and preventive effects.A survey on 2493 local hybrid chickens and ducks were cured at 93.9%, 93.3% and 94.7%, with an average rate reaching as high as 93.9%.

Legal approval

Sanguinarine is a feed additive variety announced in the Announcement No. 318 of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China.

The test results show that Pink Plumepoppy extract has a killing effect on fly maggots. The 50% lethal concentration LC of the three-instar maggots of the tested mitochondrius maggot prepared by acidic ethanol extraction is 148.75g/L, and the 95% confidence interval is 122.19g/L~180.94g/L.

It is observed the crude methanol extracts of 50% Boluohui, Stemona japonica, can kill the adult rabbits miteswithin 4h while Boluohui and Baibu, CORTEX MELIAE,Densefruit, Kushen, Anenmone can kill the itch mites within 2h, and its activity is not less than 2mg/L abamectin aqueous solution.