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Bitter Apricot Extract

Bitter Apricot Extract

Part used: Seed
Latin name: Semen Armeniacae Amarum
Specification: Amygdalin 50%; Amygdalin 90%; Amygdali 98%
Appearance: White fine powder


Bitter Apricot Extract

Bitter Apricot Extract

About Bitter Apricot

Bitter Apricot is also called almond and its fruit is picked in summer every year.
It has the main functions such as relieving cough and asthma, relaxing bowel and curing intestinal dryness with constipation.
It contains abundant fatty oil which is beneficial to relax bowel.

Function and Application of Bitter Apricot Extract

1.The extract from bitter apricot has anti-tumor effect.
2.Bitter Apricot Extract has hypoglycemic activity.
3.This extract can reduce blood lipid.
4.It can eliminate pigmentation,freckles,dark spots so as to achieve the effect of beauty.
5.It works to soften the skin and hydrate the cuticles.

Application: Health care products; Cosmetic; Food

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