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Dihydroquercetin is novel food addictive approved in Europe, Russia and China.


Product Introduction

Dihydroquercetin is a dihydroflavonol compound found in many plants. This product is based on the roots of artificially planted Larix olgensis as raw materials, after peeling and tearing, extraction, concentration, alcohol precipitation, supernatant concentration, extraction, re-concentration, crystallization, centrifugal separation, freeze-vacuum drying, It is made by crushing and sieving. The European Union has approved dihydroquercetin from larch as a new food material, and Russia has approved dihydroquercetin as a food material and food additive.

DihydroquercetinDihydroquercetin powder

Product Character

Product Name: Dihydroquercetin

Other name: Taxifolin, Taxifolin, Dihydroquercetin, Taxustin

English name: Taxifolin

Content: 90%; 95%; 98%

C A S No.: 480-18-2

Molecular formula: C15H12O7

Molecular weight: 304.25

Chemical name: (2R,3R)-dihydroquercetin

Appearance: Milky white powder

Physical properties: Melting point 240-240℃,easily soluble in ethanol, acetic acid, boiling water;

slightly soluble in cold water

Raw material source: larch

Application direction: health care products

Detection method: HPLC

Heavy metal and Microbiological Tests

Heavy metals









Microbiological Tests

Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold



≤3 mpn/g

Salmonella- 25g

Not detected

S. aureus

Not detected


The recommended consumption of this product is ≤100 mg/day (that is, the recommended consumption of dihydroquercetin with a content of 90% is 100 mg/day, if the content exceeds this content, the actual content is converted). Range of use and maximum usage: beverages (20mg/L), fermented milk and flavored fermented milk (20mg/kg), cocoa products, chocolate and chocolate products (70mg/kg).


The production and use of new food ingredients shall comply with the contents of the announcement and the requirements of relevant food safety regulations. The safety data of dihydroquercetin in infants, children (14 years old and below), pregnant women, and lactating women are insufficient. Considering the principle of risk prevention, the above-mentioned population is not suitable for consumption, and the label and instructions should be marked as inappropriate crowd.

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