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Chicory root Inulin Powder

Chicory root Inulin Powder

Chicory inulin powder is a cluster of fructose molecules. It is a well known water soluble diet fiber. Jerusalem artichoke is also an alternative source to produce inulin. It is also a safe food addictive approved in EU and USA.


Product introduction

Chicory inulin powder, also known as inulin, or scientific name fructan, inulin polysaccharides. It is a fructan mixture formed by the polymerization of 2-60 fructose molecules. After entering the human large intestine, it is fermented and absorbed by beneficial bacteria. Therefore, inulin is also called compound polysaccharide or compound prebiotic. It is widely found in Jerusalem artichoke, garlic, onion, dandelion and other plants. It is currently the highest quality natural water-soluble dietary fiber found ever.

chicoryinulin powder


*In China, the Jerusalem artichoke rhizom is used as raw material to produce inulin. After removing protein, gum, crude fiber and minerals, Inulin is obtained through production processes such as water extraction, ion exchange, membrane filtration, and spray drying.

*In foreign countries, chicory root is used as raw material to obtain chicory inulin powder after removing protein and minerals through spray drying and other steps.


English name:

Chicory inulin powder

Latin name:

Cichorium intybus L.

Active ingredients:


Part used:



white Powder



Inulin is contained in the protoplasm of the cell in the form of a colloid. Unlike starch, it is easily soluble in hot water and precipitates out of water after adding ethanol, and does not react with iodine. Moreover, inulin is very easy to hydrolyze fructose under dilute acid, which is the characteristic of all fructans. Fructose can also be hydrolyzed by inulase.


The physiological effects of Chicory inulin powder that have been confirmed so far mainly include the following aspects:

  1. control blood lipids,

  2. lower blood sugar,

  3. promote the absorption of minerals,

  4. regulate the intestinal microflora,

  5. inhibit the production of toxic fermentation products,

  6. protect the liver,

  7. prevent Constipation and obesity, anti-depression, etc.

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