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Cherry Fruit Powder

Cherry Fruit Powder

Product Name:Cherry Fruit Powder
Latin name:Cerasus pseudocerasus
Appearance:Pink powder
Mesh size:80 Mesh
Used Part:Fruit
Grade:Food & Medical


Product Introduction

Cherry fruit powder is rich in mineral iron, which has a strong blood-enriching effect. Ground cherry is an important raw material for synthesizing human hemoglobin. Supplementing with Ground cherry can promote the regeneration of red blood cells in the human body and reduce the symptoms of anemia as soon as possible. Most of the nutrients in cherries have important functions of sweating, rash and detoxification.

Cherry fruit powder has many functions and functions, and has a high anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, so it can not only be eaten but also used externally. If there are wounds on the skin, you can apply Ground cherry to the wounds. By using Ground cherry with analgesic and hemostatic properties, it can speed up wound healing and prevent wound infection.


Cherry Fruit Powder

CherryCherry Fruit Powder

general juice powder flow chart


1. Improving immunity can enhance the body's anti-stress ability and immunity to the external environment to prevent cold and influenza virus infection.

2. Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases Vitamin C is the most water-soluble antioxidant, so it can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3. Beauty and beauty This effect is most obvious in women. Acerola Cherry Fruity Candy Tablets can promote the synthesis and regeneration of skin collagen, so it can effectively maintain skin elasticity. Its anti-oxidant effect is remarkable, so it can also effectively reduce wrinkles and dark spots. , Whiten the skin.

4. Protect teeth Eating acerola cherry fruit candy can promote the growth of bones and prevent gum recession and bleeding.

1. Cherry powder is used to improve skin elasticity, remove wrinkle, and enhance human immunity.
2. Cherry powder is rich in vitamin C, so it is added in healthy food.
3. It is widely used in solid drink and food to improve the taste.
4. It is added in medicine prevent cold, scurvy and cancer.

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