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Capsicum Extract

Capsicum Extract

Product Name:Capsicum Extract
Other Name: Chilli extract or Cayenne extract
Properties: Red fine powder or white crystal
Specification:50% , 95%-99% HPLC


Product Introduction

Capsicum extract is extracted from the fruit of Capsicum frutescens L., a solanaceous plant, which contains both capsicum pigment and a mixture of capsicum and capsicum oil. At present, pepper extract plays an important role in food, medicine, health care, chemical industry, military industry and other fields.

Product Name/Code


Test Method







chille, Capsicum

TDS of Capsicum Extract

Product Name:

Capsicum Extract

Country of Origin:


Other Name:


Type of extraction:

(70:30 E:W)water/ Alcohol extraction

Plant Part:

Stem/Seed/Leaf/Fruit (Fresh, 100% Natural)


Fine powder


Non Iradiated PPSL<700



GMO Status





1. Capsicum extract can stimulate the human body to accelerate metabolism and consume more energy, so it can break down or inhibit fat, prevent obesity, prevent thrombosis, and even absorb the carcinogen in the human body-"free radicals", which can treat choking. , Reduce the incidence of gastric cancer. At present, pepper extract plays an important role in food, medicine, health care, chemical industry, military industry and other fields.

In the food industry, it can be used as flavoring, coloring, flavoring agent and fitness aid, etc. It can also be used as a raw material for other complexes or single preparations. The pepper extract is also processed into water-dispersible preparations on the market to expand the application range.

2. Capsaicin also has great research significance in food preservation.

Natural pigments are widely used in medicine,such as the color development in various liquid medicines, the color of various pills and tablet coats. Among them, capsanthin is used as a coloring agent for sugar-coated tablets. The advantage is that the color is bright and bright, which makes people happy to accept. At the same time, it has a moisture-proof effect.

3. After animals eat capsaicin, it can promote gastric juice secretion, increase appetite, promote blood circulation, improve body resistance to diseases, and have the effects of deworming and sweating, which is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of diarrhea, inflammation and other animal diseases. At present, the pure natural extract of capsicum is used in the feed industry, which has no toxic and side effects to the animal body, does not pollute the environment, and does not cause harm to human health.


Capsicum extract or its major component capsaicin are irriating. It is contraindicated for patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers, acute gastritis, tuberculosis, hemorrhoids or eye diseases.

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