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Onion Powder

Onion Powder

Product Name:Onion Powder
Latin Name: Allium cepa
Appearance: Brown powder
Shelf Life:Two year


Product Introduction

Onion powder is a processed onion product. Onion (scientific name: Allium cepa), alias ball onion, shallot, jade onion, shallot, Dutch onion, skin tooth, etc., Liliaceae, Allium genus biennial herb. Onion contains prostaglandin A, which can reduce peripheral vascular resistance, reduce blood viscosity, and can be used to lower blood pressure, refresh the mind, relieve stress, and prevent colds. In addition, onion can also scavenge oxygen free radicals in the body, enhance metabolism, resist aging, and prevent osteoporosis. It is a healthy food for middle-aged and elderly people. Onions are widely distributed in China and are cultivated all over the north and south. They are one of the main vegetables grown in China. China's onion producing areas mainly include Fujian, Shandong, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places.


Onion Powder


Onion Powder

The preparation method as follows

1.Get the fresh onion of cleaning and the fresh aloe vera of cleaning and crush and beat together, the weight ratio of fresh onion and fresh aloe vera is 10:1, add the dehydrated alcohol of 13% (volume) after the beating, filter, get the filtrate and concentrate, During the concentration process, pre-heat to 85°C for 60s, then cool down to below 45°C and vacuum to concentrate until the water content of the onion pulp is about 78% by weight.

2.Add 10% (weight) maltodextrin and 5% (weight) modified starch to the above-mentioned step 1 gained onion pulp, 200kg/cm under pressure homogenization.

3.Under the condition of inlet air temperature 170~180°C and outlet air temperature 70~80°C, the mixture obtained in the above step 2 is air-dried to obtain Ground onion with a water content of about 7.6 (weight)%.

general juice powder flow chart

1.It can prevent and treat osteoporosis, and its allicin has strong bactericidal ability, which can prevent colds, lower blood pressure, and prevent thrombosis.

2.It is warm in nature and sweet in taste. It has the functions of expectorant, diuretic, stomach and intestines, detoxification and insecticide.

3. It can cure loss of appetite, poor stool, dysentery, enteritis, abdominal pain due to insect accumulation, traumatic ulcer and other diseases.

4. Prostaglandin A contained in onion powder has obvious antihypertensive effect, and the similar substances contained in tolbutamide have certain hypoglycemic effect.

5. It can inhibit the increase of blood lipid caused by high-fat diet, and can prevent and treat arteriosclerosis.


Onion powder is a kind of condiment and also a health food. It is used in nutritional and health care products, functional food, infant food, middle-aged and elderly food, seasoning, solid beverage, cake, cold food, instant food and pharmaceutical raw materials.

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