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Marigold Extract Lutein

Marigold Extract Lutein

1. Product Name: Lutein
2. Origin plant: Marigold flower
3. Specification: 5%-90% HPLC/UV
4. Appearance: Orange Lutein Powder



Marigold extract lutein is a kind of fat-soluble vitamin. Its absorption spectrum contains near blue-violet light, which can help the retina of the eye resist ultraviolet rays. For the eyes, lutein is an important antioxidant. Supplementing a large amount of lutein to the human body can help maintain vision persistence, improve visual response time.

marigold farmmarigold lutein

Product Character

English name:

Marigold extract Lutein

Latin name:

Tagetes erecta L



Active ingredients:


Part used:



organge powder





Test Method:



Not soluble in water


marigold extract lutein is widely used in the processing of condiments, tobacco, cakes, candies and various feeds. In China, lutein has been widely used as a colorant.


Oxygen free radicals in the human body are an important cause of many age-related diseases. Lutein has a strong antioxidant capacity, which can inhibit the activity of oxygen free radicals and prevent the damage of oxygen free radicals to normal cells.


Lutein has a unique biological effect in inhibiting tumor growth, and its mechanism mainly includes antioxidant activity, inhibition of tumor angiogenesis and cell proliferation.

Delay the effect of early arteriosclerosis

The latest research findings have found [6] that lutein can slow the development of early arteriosclerosis. Through animal experiments, it was found that mixing lutein and mouse feed together, and feeding them, the incidence of arterial thrombosis was lower than that of those who did not feed lutein feed.

Preventing diabetes

Lutein can be used as an effective adjuvant to strengthen insulin's blood sugar lowering function. Therefore, eating foods such as fruits and vegetables rich in lutein can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Who needs marigold extract lutein?

According to the various functions of marigold extract lutein, we can list the following suitable people. You should also pay attention to the appropriate amount of lutein, and eat it with other nutrients.

1. Specific staff: need to work in the noon sun (athletes, pilots, guards, traffic police)

2. People suffering from eye diseases: people with cataracts, glaucoma, presbyopia, amblyopia, strabismus, and astigmatism, regular and quantitative consumption of lutein can relieve the effect.

3. Office workers: workers who often use computers or stare at TV screens, crowds of people who often stay up late or night workers.

4. Patients suffering from other diseases: cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, urine protein, diabetes.

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