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What Ginkgo biloba extract benefit?

Dec 31, 2020

Ginkgo biloba extract is a commonly used drug for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The functions of this drug mainly include the following aspects:

1. scavenging free radicals, it can inhibit the oxidation reaction of cells and prevent free radicals from damaging the body;

2., it has a certain adjustment effect on the circulatory system. It has the function of relaxing blood vessels and improving hemodynamics;

3., the blood system can reduce whole blood viscosity  to improve blood circulation;

, It also has the effect of protecting tissues, can increase the utilization of oxygen and glucose by ischemic tissues, and improve the ischemic state of tissues.

 4, in terms of clinical application, it is mainly used for circulatory disorders of the brain and peripheral blood flow system. For example, it can be used for acute and chronic brain insufficiency and sequelae caused by acute and chronic strokes, such as inattention, loss of concentration, and dementia.

ginkgo biloba extractCardiovascular_

Except cerebrovascular system, it can also be used for ear blood flow and nervous system disorders, such as tinnitus, dizziness and hearing loss. In addition, it can also improve the blood flow of the eye. For example, some patients have diabetes. This drug can also be used to improve retinopathy and neuropathy caused by diabetes. It helps to improve circulation for the peripheral circulatory system, and can be used for various arterial occlusive diseases, cold hands and feet, numbness and sore limbs. In short, Ginkgo biloba extract is a widely used drug now. It is used to treat a variety of cerebrovascular diseases, especially cerebral circulatory disorders and nervous system circulatory disorders, and it can delete free radicals and improving circulation. "