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echinacea extract benefit and production process

Dec 28, 2020

In 1887, Echinacea was formally introduced into American medical practice, and was highly recommended to treat various infectious diseases from common cold to syphilis. Modern research began in Germany in the 1930s. It was initially used for wounds, burns, etc., and then gradually discovered its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and promoting effects on local tissues and the immune system, and began to be widely used.

Modern echinacea preparations are commonly used in the United States and Europe to treat various infectious diseases, especially for the treatment of influenza. In the past 10 years, echinacea health products have been ranked first in the sales rankings of natural botanicals in the United States, ranking first in 1995, 1998, and 1999, and second and fourth in 1996 and 1997. Since 2000, echinacea preparations have continuously entered The top three natural herbal medicines in the United States.

echinacea extract

A natural botanical, active ingredient cichoric acid can block the virus binding receptors on the cell surface, thereby preventing the virus from entering healthy tissue cells. At the same time, Echinacea polysaccharides can induce the production of interferon, interfere with the virus propagation in the cell, and protect healthy cells. Protect from virus attack.Its Immune promotion is different from other traditional Chinese herbal medicines. It can not only act on the peripheral immune system, enhance the ability of the spleen and lymphatic tissues to fight against various pathogens, but also act on the central immune system, nourish the bone marrow, promote the development of thymus, and make it continue to produce new immune cells. can not only improve the specific immunity of animals,reduce antibody dispersion, but also improve the body's non-specific immunity, and enhance the phagocytosis of pathogenic microorganism like macrophages, killer cells, and natural killer cells.

echinacea purpurea extract --Production process

Manufacturing process introduction

Dynamic reflux extraction: After the echinacea medicinal material is chopped, it is extracted with ethanol in dynamic reflux to maximize the extraction of its active ingredient cichoric acid.

Filtration: Through dual filtration of tubular centrifuge and disc centrifuge, all kinds of debris and coke debris in the material liquid are completely removed.Advanced disc centrifuges used to make the product truly water-soluble, and there is no insoluble scorch after dissolution.

Low-temperature vacuum concentration: low-temperature concentration avoids the destruction and loss of thermo sensitve components, and preserves the effective components of echinacea to the maxmium such as cichoric acid, polyphenols and flavonoids. At the same time, low-temperature concentration can prevent viscous substances such as polysaccharides Coking, thereby reducing impurities.

Granulation: veterinary medicine granulation process is introduced. The mixing, granulation, drying and other steps of the traditional granulation process are finished in one container to complete one step. Therefore there is stable product with small difference between each batch.

Screening and mixing: pass the 10 mesh and 80 mesh vibrating sieves in a 100,000-level control zone, and then mix them thoroughly in a mixer. Strictly follow quality standards, reduce product batch differences, and achieve stable product quality.