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What are the Differences between Extract and Powder

Dec 05, 2017


    As you may know, the scope of our business mainly lies in plant extract, plant powder, mushroom extract, fruit powder and vegetable powder. Recently however, some of our customers are curious about the differences between extract and powder. So, I will strive to make an explanation.

             玛卡提取物1.jpg timg.jpg  

                                    Maca Extract                                                             Maca Powder

    In fact, powder is made from some part of a plant directly. And extract is just some key compounds, usually the active compounds, extracted from that part of the plant. In this case, we usually talk about the specification of an extract but hardly tell that of a powder. In regard of production process, when making powder, we just grind the plant and sift, while extract includes grinding, extraction, concentration, spray drying and sifting. Besides, powder usually requires a higher dosage since its less potent than extract.

    But if you ask, “Which one should I buy?”, I have to say, “It depends.”