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Herbal extract as veterinary raw materials

Mar 26, 2020


The function of Chinese medicine extracts is divided into three parts:

1. antibacterial , plant extract are such as Scutellaria baicalensis extract, Coptis chinensis extract, Cork extract, Gardenia extract, Forsythia extract, dandelion extract, ground extract, wild chrysanthemum extract, mountain bean root Extract, prunella vulgaris extract, gentian extract, pasqueflower extract, matrine extract, rhubarb extract, honeysuckle extract, houttuynia cordata extract, andrographis paniculata extract, etc .;

2. promoting animal growth, mainly for digestion and strengthening the spleen, herb extract such as hawthorn extract, malt extract, tangerine peel extract, etc., as well as tonics and tonics such as astragalus extract and yam extract. Extracts, atractylodes extract, licorice extract, Polygonatum extract, etc .;

herbal animal feed

3. insect repellent effects, such as extracts of gentlemen, extracts from guanzhong, and extracts of betel nut.

Victar bio herbal extract manufacturers can be used as raw materials for veterinary medicine: honeysuckle extract, forsythia extract, licorice extract, scutellaria root extract, isatis root extract, big green leaf extract, astragalus Polysaccharides, dandelion extracts, etc. It can also process veterinary medicine compound raw materials according to customers' requirements. It can be processed into Chinese medicine extraction extracts, flow extracts, spray-dried powders, Chinese medicine extract particles, etc. according to customer requirements.

 With the development of veterinary medicine, the forecast of traditional Chinese medicine extracts in the production of veterinary drugs or animal feed has become more mature and more extensive. We are committed to becoming the largest supplier of veterinary raw materials in China. Create a first-class Chinese medicine extract supply base.