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Do you know the plant extract pioneer 30 year ago

Nov 16, 2020

The story begun after the Spring Festival, 1987.


A group of elite  namely, Mr.Chen Chong, Ms. Xu Haiqing,Mr. Gao Qiang, Mr.Hu Bin, Ms.Xu Lieqin, Mr. Luo Sen, Mr. Xie Fangxin established the Qinling Institute of Plant Development at the foot of the Monkey Rock Mountain by the Jialing River, determined to find a fortune for the people in Qinling Mountains.


Thirty years have passed,  Chen Chong has retired with publish monographs "Identification and Quality Standard Reference of Chinese Medicine Extracts", "Plant Chemical Technology", "  Modern Research of Chinese Medicines", targeting plant extracts in Chinese medicine.


 founder of Qinling Institute of Plant Development

 * The Leaf on is Mr. Hu Bin, also founder of Shaanxi Puresoure and Xi'an Victarbio. 

Xu Haiqin is the owner of Xi'an Xiaocao.

Xu Lieqin is the boss of Shaanxi Herbkey

Hu Bin is the boss of Shaanxi Puresource.

Gao Qiang and Rosen are both senior executives of Shaanxi Jiaherb.

extraction faclity in 1990s

During three decades, They has tutored sucessive techinians in plant extraction manufacture TCD and SanjiangBio, which are both influential manufacture in  plant extract . They witness the plant extract raise up from a small domestic  workshop to an international industry. The people in the walk strides from regional wellness to the univeral health care caraee all over the world.


Siberian Ginseng extract, the first product developed, is still in mass production and has been exported to more than 60 countries.  The paclitaxel extraction project, a  National Science and Technology Commission  rank project they exploited in 1993 is till the best choice for cancer patient.


 It is now the world's first choice for anti-cancer chemotherapy. A list of herb extract developed in the 1980s and 1990s, like Pueraria lobata isoflavones, ginkgo flavone, baicalin, salicin, synephrine, Hypericum perforatum, resveratrol, matrine, sinomenine, oleanolic acid has become the knockout products of various plant extract companies.


That institue sparkle plant extract and foster generations of technician.

plant extraction technique

Traditional Chinese medicine cannot solve the problem of stability of curative effect, and it will be difficult to go abroad and into the world to achieve standardization, modernization, and internationalization. To solve the problem of the stability of the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, the first thing to do is to supply the  stable ingredients. In the plant extraction industry, making traditional Chinese medicine extracts to solve this problem is the fastest, most effective and most acceptable to the people of the world.