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Carrot Powder

Carrot Powder

Product name: Red Carrot powder
Part used: Root
Appearance: Brown Fine powder


Red Carrot Powder

Basic information:                                                                               red carrot powder

Product name:  Red Carrot  powder                          

Part used: Root

Appearance: Brown fine powder

Latin name: Daucus carota

About carrot powder:

There are two kinds of carrot powder, one is with good water solubility and one is not, and also they are in a different production process,  one is dried by spraying and the other is by hot air, but they are both used as food additives. 


1. Carrot powder contains a lot of carotenes. After the carotene entering the body, through the action of enzymes in the liver and small intestine, there is 50% of carotene into vitamin A. It can improve eyesight and treat night blindness.

2. Carrot powder contains plant fiber which is the gut "filling material", can enhance intestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation.

3. This powder from red carrot helps enhance the body's immune system and play an important role in the prevention of carcinogenesis process. The lignin in carrot can also improve the immune system, indirectly destroy cancer cells.

4. It can also increase coronary blood flow, reduce blood fat, promote the synthesis of adrenaline. It is the healthy foods for hypertension and coronary heart disease patients.

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