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Artemisinin Powder

Artemisinin Powder

Typical malaria medicine Latin name: Artemisia annua Part used: ground part Specification: 98% Artemisinin HPLC Appearance:white fine powder


Product Introduction

Artemisinin powder is white, an organic compound with a molecular formula of C15H22O5 and a relative molecular mass of 282.34.

Artemisinin is a colorless needle-like crystal with a melting point of 156-157 ℃. It is easily soluble in chloroform, acetone, ethyl acetate and benzene, soluble in ethanol, ether, slightly soluble in cold petroleum ether, and almost insoluble in water. Because of its special peroxide group, it is unstable to heat and is easily decomposed under the influence of moisture, heat and reducing substances.

Artemisinin powder is mainly obtained by directly extracting from Artemisia annua, or by extracting artemisinic acid which has a higher content in Artemisia annua, and then semi-synthetic. Although Artemisia annua is widely distributed all over the world, the content of artemisinin varies greatly depending on the place of production, and has significant ecological significance. According to research, with the exception of parts of China, the artemisinin content in Artemisia annua produced in most regions of the world is very low and has no use value.


Product Character

Product Name: wormwoom extract

Latin name: Artemisia annua

Part used: ground part

Specification: 98% Artemisinin HPLC

Appearance:white fine powder

A key biochemical in it is believed to be behind several of the medicinal properties. Today a treatment called Artemisia Combination Therapy (ACT) is now a standard medical regimen for treating malaria. One of the benefits with Artemisinin powder is that the chemical is well tolerated at normal doses. In October 2015, Ms.Tu Youyou and two other scientists won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their contributions to the creation of new antimalarial drugs-artemisinin and dihydroartemisinin. It is a typical medicine inspired by TCM and discovered in scientific method.


Artemisinin powder is the most effective drug for the treatment of malaria resistance. Combination therapy with artemisinin-based drugs is also the most effective and most important method for treating malaria.

However, with the deepening of research in recent years, more and more other effects of artemisinin have been discovered and applied research, such as anti-tumor, treatment of pulmonary hypertension, anti-diabetic, embryotoxicity, anti-fungal, immune regulation, and anti-viral Various pharmacological effects such as anti-inflammatory, anti-pulmonary fibrosis, antibacterial, and cardiovascular effects.

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