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organic hawthorn berry

organic hawthorn berry

Latin Name: Crataegus pinnatifida Bunge
Part Used: Fruit
Appearance: Brown fine powder
Specification: 1%~3% Flavones


 Organic Hawthorn berry or powder  certified by USDA NOP and EU ORGANIC is offered by Victarbio.

green hawthorn berryorganic hawthorn berry powder
green hawthorn berryorganic hawthorn berry powder

Here are our Advantages

1. Contracted organic hawthorn berry plantation guarentee sustained supply and controllable quality inspection.

2. Since EU and USDA authority increasing stricter requirement on chemical residue, mainly pesticide and plant hormones since 2018. Consecutive reports proves that 537 chemical items in hawthorn berry are all NMT 0.01mg/kg, conformting with the ORGANIC standard.  show the stable and trustworthy quality. Victarbio’s hawthorn berry is your best choice for organic hawthorn source from hawthorn slice, hawthorn powder both with or without seeds.

3. TC ,transcaction certificate in short is available. That is the complimantory  to import  the organic hawthorn berry  as ORGANIC product especially in EU.  

4.  Credited as Excellent supplier of "Hawthorn leaf/fruit extract in 2017 " by Shaanxi Plant Extract Society. 

Hawthorn leaf/fruit extract are also the competitive items in our company.

Notice: Shaanxi Pure Source Bio-tech is the parent company of Xi'an Victarbio Corp.

excellent supplier of hawthorn berry leaf extract

hawthorn berry analyse report




Organic Hawthorn berry is rich in protein, calcium, iron, fat and vitamin C. It is a food with very high nutritional value. Eating before meals can appetite, and eating after meals can digest. It also has the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids. Hawthorn can also play a role in weight loss.


Because hawthorn contains many acidic components, it is not suitable for people with acidic stomach. Hawthorn contains high sugar content, so it is not suitable for people with diabetes.

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