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Oregano Extract

Oregano Extract

Latin name: Origanum vulgare L.
Part of use: groud part
Apperance: brown fine powder
Ratio: 10:1
meshes: 100% pass 80 meshes



Oregano extract is an important feed addictive to promote Poultry digestion.

Oregano is a perennial herb in the Lamiaceae family. Mainly distributed in the Mediterranean region to Central Asia, North Africa, North America and most of China, born on hillsides, roadsides, shrubs, grasslands, and forests at an altitude of 500-3 600 m. Oregano is pungent, cool in nature, non-toxic, and the whole plant can be used as medicine.

OreganoOregano extract

[Product name] oregano extract

[Material aliases] Anti-dysentery grass, Elsholtzia vulgare, Mint leaf mint, Oregon grass, Oregon leaf, Pizza grass,

[English name]Origanum Extrat

[Extract source] It is the dry aerial part of oregano, a plant of Lamiaceae

[Product Specifications] 10:1

[Properties] Brown-yellow fine powder

[Product meshes] 100% pass 80 meshes

[Chemical composition] The whole plant contains threose and volatile oil, and the oil contains thymol, caravanol, polysaccharin, and ursolic acid.

[Nature and flavor return to meridian] Xin, warm

[Packaging method] 25 kg/cardboard drum or aluminum foil bag

[Storage conditions] This product should be sealed and shading, and stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place

[Validity] Two years


Oregano extract can prevent and treat bacterial infections in the gastrointestinal tract

Oregano is widely distributed in my country and rich in natural resources. It is a new type of feed additive that can replace antibiotics. It has the characteristics of broad-spectrum antibacterial, rapid action, no residue, and resistance to drug resistance.

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