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New Echinacea Extract Is In Production

Jul 16, 2020

New Echinacea Extract Is in Production

The sales volume of echinacea extract this year is particularly high compared with previous years, mainly due to the impact of the epidemic, and there is not much stock in the market, so our stock almost ran out in May, and we had to wait for the production of new raw materials.

echinacea flower 2     Echinacea flower      

Most of the new raw materials are planted in the mountains, so it is not very convenient to harvest. Moreover, as chicoric acid is sensitive to temperature, we must pay attention to the weather when harvesting. In addition, there are not enough factory workers, so our colleagues in the office went to the mountains to help.

Dry echinacea

Harvest echinacea_副本

The new echinacea extract is in production and we hope that we can provide customers with goods that meet the quality requirements.