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11th Anniversary Of Shannxi’puresource Foundation

Jan 12, 2021

2021, Jan.11th is the 11th anniversary of Shannxi’puresource foundation.

Thanks for the effort every staff has made to create an effective, caring team from production to after sales service. Mr. Li Wei and Mr. Hu Bin started from scratche, stablishing this joint venture 11 years and Now it grows to a well reputed manufacture in botanical extract circle in Xi’an after years.

Major Botanical ingredients serves health product, nutraceutical and functional food and beverage industry nationwide and worldwide.


There might be mistakes and disputes, we cooperate and head to the common objective. Each plays their role and collaboration is the only way to solve problem Every expertise of each team member matters.

Thanks every client we come across in these years. You bring latested market trends and that is essential reference for business adjustment. Your trust contributes to the turnover.

The COVID pandemic still goes on, the year of 2020 is a chanllenging year with surging demand in immunity stimulator and nutrition. 2021 will also witness the volatile need in botanical sourced material. Let us embrace the historic year and join hand in hand to build a better business.