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Ku Shen extract

Ku Shen extract

Botanical source: Sophorae Flavescentis
Appearance:Brownish yellow fine powder(extract), white(chemical grade)
Usage: pesticide or diuretic effect, cosmetic etc.


Product Introduction

Ku Shen extract is made by extracting dried roots, plants, and fruits of the legume Sophora flavescens with organic solvents such as ethanol. It is an alkaloid. Generally, it is the total alkaloids of matrine, and its main components are matrine, sophocarpine, oxysophocarpine, sophoridine and other alkaloids. Matrine and oxymatrine have the highest content. Other sources are shandougen and aboveground parts of shandougen. The pure product is white powder in appearance.

Ku Shen extract was isolated and confirmed for the first time in 1958. It is a unique type of alkaloids (Quarizidine alkaloids, also known as lupin alkaloids tetracyclo-quinolizindine alkaloids), (see Figure 1), which exists in Sophora plants. Mainly used to treat cancer, viral hepatitis, heart disease (such as viral myocarditis), and skin diseases psoriasis and eczema (psoriasis and eczema).

Sophora flavescens extract -low content_matrine 98%_
Ku Shen extract extract 8% matrinematrine 98%

Product Character:

Latin Name: Sophorae Flavescentis

Part Used: ground part

Specification: 8%-98%

Molecular formula: C15H24N2O

Molecular weight:248.36

Appearance:Brownish yellow fine powder(extract), white(chemical grade)

General Function

1. Diuretic effect Sophora flavescens, as a medicinal plant, has a history of more than two thousand years according to written records in our country. Its main functions are heat-clearing, diuretic, insecticidal, and damp-removing effects. Ku Shen extract also has anti-virus, anti-tumor and anti-allergic effects.

2. Anti-pathogen, The decoction in the test tube, high concentration (1:100) has an inhibitory effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Decoction (8%) water decoction has varying degrees of inhibition on some common skin fungi in vitro.

3. Other effects: Matrine injection in rabbits: Central nervous system palsy, convulsions, and death due to respiratory arrest. Injected into frog: Excited at first, then paralyzed, breathing becomes slow and irregular, and finally convulsions occur, so that breathing stops and death. The onset of his spasticity is caused by the spinal cord reflex.

4. The anti-HBV and hepatitis C virus, Oxymatrine has been shown to have strong antiviral activity against HBV in vitro and in animal models. It also has anti-HBV effects in humans. There are many reports for the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis.

Pesticides in agriculture

Commonly used preparations: 0.3% matrine water, 1% matrine alcohol solution, 0.2% matrine water, 1.1% matrine powder, 1% matrine soluble liquid

Product features and control objects: Matrine , the major actives of Ku Shen extract is a natural plant pesticide, low toxicity to humans and animals, is a broad-spectrum insecticide, has contact killing and stomach toxicity. It has obvious control effect on armyworm, cabbage caterpillar, aphids and red spider on various crops.

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