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What Are the Differences between Black Wolfberry and Red Wolfberry?

Aug 03, 2017


Wolfberry, a traditional Chinese medicine, can enhance the immune system, improve eyesight and slow down the process of aging.

 As is known to all, wolfberry is of highly nutritious value. In recent years, increasingly more people are concerned about their own health, so wolfberry draws more attention. But do you really know it well? Do you know how many kinds of wolfberry there are? Actually, distinguished by color, wolfberry has two common ones: the black one and the red one. And now, I’d like to introduce the differences between them.


Firstlyblack wolfberry contains less sugar, that is, it can be eaten by diabetic directly.


Secondly, they are different when soaked in water. (different colors in water)For black wolfberry, it must be soaked in water whose temperature is below 60℃, or else the anthocyanin in it will be damaged.

 black goji.pngred wolfberries.jpg

Thirdly, because black wolfberry contains more nutrition, the daily dosage is less. 5g for adults one day is appropriate while for the red one, 20g for one day is better.


Fourthly, black wolfberry usually grows in a natural state while the red one is commonly planted.


Besides, although they are both called wolfberry, they also have slight differences in effect. The red wolfberries can tonify liver and kidney, enrich the blood, soothe the nerves, improve sleep and enhance the immune system, while functioning as anti-oxidant, the black one can also lower blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar and it is supposed to be used in the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Finally but more importantly, black wolfberry contains anthocyanin.

       So what is anthocyanin? Black wolfberry is also called “The King of Anthocyanin”, because the anthocyanin in it is superior to that in any other plants. Anthocyanin has a strong effect on clearing free radicals. It can improve the immune system, protect the skin and blood vessel, inhibits fatty liver. Besides, it also has the function of anti-oxidant and anti-aging.

       All in all, black wolfberry is more valuable.

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