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Huperzia Serrate Extract

Huperzia Serrate Extract

Product name :Huperzia Serrate Extract
Appearance :Brown to white powder
Specifications: Huperzine A1%--99%
Test Method: HPLC


                                         Huperzia Serrate Extract

Basic Information:

Product name :

Huperzia Serrate Extract 

Huperzia Serrate Extract

Latin Name :

Huperzia serratum

Part Used :

whole herb


Huperzine A1%--99%

Appearance :

Brown to white powder

Test Method:


Extract Solvent:

Water &Ethanol

Drying Method:

Spray drying

Loss On Drying:




Total Heavy Metals:


Total Plate Count:


Function of Huperzia Serrate Extract:

Used for myasthenia gravis, age-related memory loss and alzheimer's disease, learning disabilities and memory enhancement in adolescents.

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