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Allulose Powder

Allulose Powder

Product Name : Allulose powder
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Feature:70% sweetness of sucrose,0.2 cal per gram
Specifications: 99%
Grade: Food Grade


Product Introduction

Allulose powder is newly trendy sweetener. It taste very similar to high-purity sucrose. The initial beam stimulation speed to taste buds is slightly faster than that of sucrose, and the sweetness is mild and delicate.

There was no bad taste afterwards. Its sweetness does not change with temperature, and it can show pure sweetness at various temperatures.

Product Character

Product Name : Allulose powder

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Feature:70% sweetness of sucrose and 0.2 cal per gram.

Specifications: 99%

Test Method: HPLC

Grade: Food Grade

No diarrhea

People have a certain tolerance for the intake of various sugar alcohols, otherwise they will have different degrees of diarrhea-assisting effects. For example, a single intake of 15g of sorbitol will cause diarrhea; 30g of xylitol will make it. But this is not the case with psicose, and psicose is also recognized as a sugar that has no effect on metabolism or blood sugar levels.

Acid stable & thermol stable

Allulose products are stable and easy to apply. The structure and properties of psicose are extremely stable, with strong chemical inertness, and can maintain its original state under acidic or alkaline conditions.

Allulose was mixed with citric acid, and no invert sugar was found after 30 days of heat preservation, which proved that it could not be decomposed by organic acids or vitamins.

After 20% acidified psicose aqueous solution and sucrose aqueous solution (PH=2) were boiled for 60 minutes, it was found that sucrose was completely hydrolyzed to fructose and glucose, but psicose was not hydrolyzed, which is rich in various nutrients , It is very important for foods with complex sources of raw materials.

As a sweetener, allulose powder has been granted safe status by many countries and used in various foods. Allulose has many advantages if it is used in modulated milk, flavored fermented milk, cakes, tea beverages, jelly and other products:

1. High edible safety. Dried allulose was approved by the US FDA as a GRAS substance in 2011.

2. The product has good stability and taste similar to sucrose.

3. It only provides low energy, which is acceptable to many people with special requirements (diabetics or people who lose weight, etc.

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